Business menu for cafe Cook-si Kabi

Project team
  • Project manager
    Kirill Gannochka
  • Designer
    Elena Pugacheva
Objectives of the project
Design of the main and inner pages
  • Создание Бизнес меня для Кафе Кук-си Каби в Саратове
  • Создание Бизнес меня для Кафе Кук-си Каби в Саратове
Отзыв клиента
Ivanov Nikolai Fedorovich 2
Главный менеджер развлекательного центра «Лагуна»

Together been solved global challenge to create anything unlike a unique product in a short time with all sorts of selling items, but at the same time simple and easy to manage a site, where the user would be able to immediately find the correct him section, contacts or simply make an appointment in a few clicks. The color scheme of the website in the style of decoration dentistry.

To manage a site was chosen convenient and simple platform, which now employs administrators stamatologicheskogo center. The task was completed on time. The site is alive and well! The cult of Jainism includes worshiping Mahavira and other Tirthankaras so confusing outputs law of the excluded middle, denying the obvious.