Brief for site development
The main purpose of the website
Increased sales
Information on products and services
Increasing brand awareness
Specify the order you site for the first time or to redesign your existing site (in the case of a redesign, please specify what are not satisfied with the existing site)
Select the type of your website
Has a corporate identity of your company?
Will provided the raw materials (logo, brand book)?
What color do you like or desirable in the design of the future site.
What information from the site would be interested visitors?
Contact Information
The list of services
Company news
Competitive advantages your company who need/want to use?
What is rejected (a priori) in graphic design? What should not be in the graphics and design elements are not permissible colors, etc.
For more information, which should be used by design: advertising slogans, successful design solutions in the previous advertising campaigns
What pages need to develop and a brief description.
Write examples of sites that you like and why.