Brief for the development of marketing kit
The purpose of the marketing whale
For sale in person
For Internet mailing
In order to attract investors
How do you tell a customer about your product right now?
The main methods Sales
Personal meeting
«Word of mouth»
Competitive advantages your company who need/want to use?
Who is your the target audience who will view marketing kit? What action should make the customer after watching
What questions your customers care about most? What people do not understand?
Describe what"pain"experience your customers and how you solve them? (eg, failure of terms of delivery, there is no guarantee on the product, etc.)
Specify the numbers that can be driven to work through the trust to your company (how many objects put many years of experience, etc.)
Shall describe a list of what services you provide
Does Now some action? If not, what action can be drawn from the fact that really need clients?
Can you boast of the results that have achieved your customers thanks to you?
Describe the processes from start to finish (1-2-3-4-5)
If there include file
Do I need to specify the route (how to get to you?)
What information is printed on the back cover of the presentation? (eg, contacts, etc.)
For a target action must cover the customer's marketing kit? (A request form, call to order a test measurement, etc.)