Google Inc. is now able to create videos based on the photograph.

The world's largest corporation, which has all sorts of online products and computer technology, creation of Sergey Brin and Larry Page, successfully developing over seventeen years, strikes us with new and new developments.

The company's specialists do not cease to lead the development of new technologies that may soon bring the image into reality. One area of development is: the creation of three-dimensional images for the usual picture.

Launched in 2007, the service Google Street View, allowing you to watch panoramic views of cities. But developed a new algorithm called & laquo; DeepStereo & raquo ;, will look at the image on the new.

We developed this algorithm, four engineers from Google. The principle of it is that the system analyzes a series of photographs of any landscape as a result we get an animation. But as with any program, there is a lot of shortcomings, the removal of which the engineer now working. But the fact that it is possible to revive the image is impressive.

Related opportunity to demonstrate the company & laquo; SIGGRAPH & raquo ;, but their algorithm simply collects various photo pictures of the same places on the Internet and leafs through them, as if to show the changes. Development of Google visualizes pictures in the video, constructing additions missing image as she is. The new algorithm reads the depth of their own points of the image and the color of the pixels on it. The program gradually, pixel by pixel to finish building the image, and as a result we get the full picture. With video software handles a little worse in areas where the program can not restore the frame appear blurred. But the developers did not stop there, and all the forces trying to bring the algorithm to perfection.

In the meantime, Google is working on new imaging technology, LG sends more forces to ensure that meet the consumer more and more new smartphones. Thus, recently appeared on the Internetreview LG G4, consumers who call the most stylish smartphone in 2015.