Landingpage (from 12,000)

Landing page- it is a single-site, which contains all the necessary information. This phone, address, map, brief description of the company or service, promotions and feedback. Landing page created to advertise only one product or service as the & laquo; card & raquo; company or when you create a public offety.

Sites that are dedicated to one-time actions or events. Conference and exhibition, a concert or a festival. Landing page & ndash; it is often a promotional site that serves to illuminate these events through the web resources. It is considered an indicator of the high level of conduct and organization, as well as a good form. Creation of exclusive design is performed, taking into account all the peculiarities of the action. This type of site is different in that its lifetime is limited to a specific event. And after the meeting on the resource information is useless. Let lifespan is limited, however, he must live it as efficiently and clearly.