Glasses Hololens & ndash; making science fiction a reality

This way of interacting with the software Microsoft calls the next step in the computer era, a new PC environment. The company notes that it is easy device is the essence of science fiction and intended to fully mix the digital world with the physical.

Microsoft noted that the device developed in its labs Windows Holographic years in partnership with a certain organization, which specializes in large-scale long-term projects. About time-to-market and HoloLens cost of glasses is not reported. We can assume that it will happen, or with Windows 10, or after running the OS.

With the help of the device can, for example, turn an ordinary wall into a large screen and display it on the game or movie, the table and the whole room & mdash; in the virtual game Minecraft, post virtual notes on the refrigerator, to transform the apartment of virtual decorations, used for training, design, research purposes, and so on. Everything is limited only by the imagination of the developers.