Website Redesign. What is it?

This improvement of the design and usability of the resource in accordance with the new trends and regulations. Periodic website redesign gives the opportunity to show their regular and new customers that your company is developing for the better strontium, does not stand still and can solve any problem.

The aim of our web studio - create a website for you with a unique and modern design, easy to find information on it that meets all modern requirements.

How to understand what your website requires RESUSCITATION?

  1. Outdated information- update content a couple of months ago? The site of such information is not needed by your customers, they will not benefit from it. The idea is that if you did a site a few years ago - it is necessary to urgently change.
  2. Users do not linger on the site- This is because they can not find useful information. No call to action that you want the user? Convey is clear and beautiful. Do you still plays music or video at the entrance to the site? Too intrusive pop-up or do not have it? Too many useless words in the text? You can continue indefinitely. The result of all - a bad conversion.
  3. The site is not visible on mobile devices- The site can of course be viewed, but it is very difficult to bring to a readable size and not to click on an extra button. It is long and requires a lot of effort. People will not spend time on it.
  4. The site looks outdated- Once again I want to say that the website is a visiting card of your company. And if you want to, create the impression of providing questionable services, do not change anything! The human perception of the Internet is changing, sensitive to color, form, information on the prostate. Therefore, the schedule is constantly evolving. Your Web Studio must be aware of current trends to potential customers from the site converted into actual sales.

If your answer & laquo; YES & raquo;

In most of the above items, you need a site redesign!

Of course, completely remodel the site is not worth it if you have found a few bugs. You can contact the developer to solve small problems. However, if more problems than expected, should look for competent professionals redesign.

HOW TO ORDER website redesign?

Call and make a professional site audit to understand 100% what problems need to be addressed urgently. Our web studio will help to revive your website.

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