Social networks.

In the social network Vkontakte visited daily by more than 50 000 million unique users. This audience & mdash; it is an ideal platform for marketing activities.

What good social network?

  • First is the formation of a loyal audience. Allows to keep and remind yourself to people, regular customer is much better than a one-off.
  • In the second helps to counteract the negative action. This may be a negative review, and competition, and distributed to the network trolling. With all the negative elements necessary to work and do not in any way ignore. The best policy - a policy of transparency. When you are true to your potential customer, and we are ready to go to a meeting. This behavior creates trust and a greater likelihood that your customer will be.
  • In the third receiving traffic. Going visitors to the site through social networks is a good way to increase traffic to the site. The man has familiarized with the services/goods through social networks is on the company's website in less time than visitors who came from a search engine. What are the pros? The fact that the social networks of people to the site to place your order only. They do not have much time to study, because they know the product and the company of the social networks.

Why use social networks?

  • A huge audience from which you can identify your target audience, by means of filters.
  • The contacts between users. Users can share photos, status, news, video and audio files. Approve them and show each other, so get the effect of viral marketing, and it is a very positive effect on the promotion!
  • Free promotion. In social networks to create groups and its maintenance free, but unfortunately requires a lot of time, which is so lacking at the business.
  • Communication. Ability to communicate directly with the person concerned, to exchange messages, files, documents.
  • To promote the service much easier through social networks. The process will take place much faster than using SEO methods of promotion. Express themselves on the Internet it is much easier if you use a social network.

The most visited and popular network is VKontakte, Odnoklassniki, Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. The choice will depend on where in the most represented target audience.

Web Studio & laquo; SaytKeativ & raquo; quality with the unique design creates a community in all the popular social networks. West Group Vkontakte Engels and Saratov help our specialists, who for years engaged in the promotion of social networks.

What do you get?

  • The finished group with a unique design and vidzhitami
  • Design Group unique content (photos, videos, files downloaded from the customer)
  • Support 1 month
  • Update news every day
  • Set subscribers (+50)

Additional services include an increase in subscribers, likes, comments.

To order the creation and maintenance of groups in social networks, please contact our specialists by phone:

  • 8 (8453) 53-11-44
  • 8 (917) 024-44-40
  • 8 (987) 369-43-19

We are located at: the city of Engels Street, Democratic, 1, office 401

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