Service sites. What is it?

To maintain the ability to live a web site work should be carried out monthly to update the information and tracking of technical problems. This is important because the site is your business card, it's your business twenty-four hours, it should be in working order 24 \ 7.

Service siteThe process is divided into two components:

  • technical support;
  • monitoring and troubleshooting the Web resource;
  • monitoring and notification of termination of service of a domain name and hosting services;
  • data backup;
  • configuring corporate email;
  • check data for viruses;
  • information support;
  • creation, placement and removal of content on the site

WHY site support?

Technical support is needed because the site can break, just like any other mechanism. Job Site may be suspended for a number of reasons, or even resource may be lost forever. To avoid such consequences should always spend time on his business card.

Information component - the success of any resource! This constant filling of the site with useful information. The need for search engine optimization and the benefits to potential customers. With the support of the information your site will be a modern and relevant. Useful content can serve as the new texts, menus, images, banners, videos, updated telephone numbers and much more.


We are responsible for each of the project. Our team is interested to make the Internet & mdash; the product brings benefit and usefulness to the client and the public. After the establishment, we assure our clients about the need to set up the service site. It is important that the resource has lived as long as possible and bring the results of its owner.


  1. Efficiency- Our company specializes in creating websites, and therefore we initially know what problems arise, and most importantly how and resolve.
  2. Security- After correcting the difficulties it is important to maintain the position in search engines. You can be assured that the work will not affect the position and reputation of the resource. will suffer.
  3. Reporting on the work carried out- We understand that the sphere of Internet technologies is narrow and specific, requires special knowledge. On this provide regular progress reports to the client in an understandable language.

You can arrange a meeting with our manager and discuss site support by calling:

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