Scientists have created the unique 3D battery, worth $ 0,05

Researchers at the University of Binghamton in New York was able to create a new and very unique battery that costs just $ 0.05 a 3D printed paper batteries.

Bacterial paper battery was inspired by origami, which has been used to create a unique folding mechanism, which contains bacteria culture wastewater, which are inserted into the & laquo; two common hole & raquo; inside the folds.

The research team, which consists of Seokeuna & laquo; Sean & raquo; Choi, associate professor at Binghamton and co-developer Hankeuna Lee, former students Binghamton:

The battery is capable of generating energy from the microbial metabolism, providing on-board energy for the next generation of paper-based systems with a single drop of bacteria containing liquid obtained from a renewable and sustainable water and wastewater sources (eg, sewage, municipal waste, biomass and watersheds) which are readily available in the local environment.